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Ukiyo-Eva: Red Guardian of Chion-in Temple Gate


More silliness with Evangelion and Ukiyo-e. Enjoy!

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Ukiyo-Eva: Lake Eva


Another silly tampering with a classic piece of art. The original woodblock is Koho Shoda’s Lake Biwa. The Eva image is originally from Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance.


This one actually required some doing, as I had to strike a balance between the silhouette character of the original and the original luminescence of Unit 01. I also fooled with the glowing arm to make it match the lantern on the boat, and tweaked the other lights to resemble the ones glowing in the houses.

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The Berzerker at Chinchow Fort

The Berzerker at Chinchow Fort

Some Photoshop Phoolishness I did a while ago. It all started when I saw The Fall of Chinchow Fort¬†at the¬†Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, in Bloomington, Indiana and thought “That’s wonderful, but wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an eva in it?”

Someday I’ll write about Evangelion and how it spurred my descent into Otaku, but for now just the picture.

P.S. I ended up using the design for my personal checks. Ha!


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