When it counted, I took the paths of least resistance for the first twenty-odd years of my life. In reward for my general cowardice, conformity and lack of self-trust I found myself at a safe, comfortable, but ultimately unfulfilling and unhappy place in life. I had an engineering job (and career) that paid well, but offered no sense of passion or creativity. I found myself living in Chicago, enjoying the nightlife, but lacking the confidence to truly take advantage of the social and artistic opportunities it offered. Some would say I had it all, but I felt like half a man, a fool who chose the safe path at every turn instead of pushing himself and trusting his own vision. I realized there was a hydra-headed monster of unrealized – mostly unattempted – creative endeavors ceaselessly howling deep within me.

So I decided to save up some money and take a “Sabbatical”. I would rent a house in Rhode Island for nine months and get down creatively during that time. Ideally I would get good at something remotely artful, make some contacts within that world and effect an escape plan from the desaturated, often artless world of professional engineering.

FormerConformer is a record of that leap, along with my ramblings about music, sports, politics, race and whatever else is on my mind. Through this blog I hope to entertain and intrigue, as well as become a better writer. In the end I hope FormerConformer is a chronicle of one man’s successful turn away from cushy conformity toward the difficult, but rewarding path of self-actualization.


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  1. Jay says:

    Hi, we are from Jay band from Galician. Listen our new single with the poet Carlos Oroza, who won the award for best poet undeground new york in 1966. Thanks for your article about “Vacaciones en Vietnam”.


    greetings! ieseeeeee

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