Four Poems


The Next Great Work


The silently summoned multitude

Spangled across the plain

Motion, always motion

Antlike in their purpose


Bright components blaze

In splendid metallic hues

Holy print, the shadeblue writ

Hope communion, paragon


The shining edifice rises

As if nurtured from the soil

Pilings buried with especial care

As grandmothers laid to rest


The seventh day: Completion

They delight in their creation

Soft obelisk to singularity

Resplendent and impassive


But restless hearts churn within

Clenched jaws and burning eyes

They gather and scan the gloaming line

For the site of the next great work





A mango blushes slowly

In silent gradient traverse

From joyless unyielding green

To sweetest fragrant amber


A cloud silently perpetuates

In inchbound rolling Zen

Is it the force of imagination

That keeps it hanging together?


A child gradually mutates

From lumpy screeching dough

To a modern man bent double

Under the world inside his head



Will Ferrell


Someone made a reference

To a Will Ferrell movie

And I laughed politely

This is something

I seem to find myself

Doing often

Laughing politely

At Will Ferrell references


Laughing politely

But apparently not


Anchorman? They say

Ricky Bobby?

I actually hate Will Ferrell

But I usually play along

Just to make things easy





Society makes people ugly

Who could actually be hideous

Among the cosmic bricolage

And empty void of space?


Society makes people ugly

It has become skilled and subtle

It rarely raises its voice

Or judges one directly


I am part of society

And I make people ugly

I don’t say it out loud

But it’s written across my face


I’m going to keep doing it

Because I don’t know how to stop

Standards aesthetics preferences

Are my measures of enforcement

I’ve thrown in with the hegemony

We are shallow but we are deep



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