Two Poems






The three of them sit

On one long high horse

Saying unkind things

About the meal I have cooked


They told me this would be

A great opportunity

But it feels more like

A kangaroo court


I have prepared a six star meal

And I know it in my bones

Hindtaste always puts

Less acidity in the sauce


I have lowered my head

In bitter humility

And presented my naked

Neck to the panel


For my crimes against the palate

The judgment is firm

The blade swings once

And I am chopped







An exquisite lilac armistice

Shunted down the forenoon path

Bright and buzzing zealot heat

The recognizance of summer


The traffic enforcement officer

Greeted me with a smile

She trod on down the waveformed hill

Pausing once to smell the colors




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