1 Poem + 4 Haiku



When I die

My sincere wish

Is to be buried

Under a thin layer of soil

In a biodegradable casket

Made of hemp and bamboo


My waxen hands will be clasped

Around the seedling of a fruit tree

Nestled in the soil

That rises from my chest


My skull will be filled with water

My abdomen with compost

A small lamp will be powered

By the solar panel on my headstone


By this arrangement

I can be exhumed/reborn

A little bit each day

Instead of moldering sequestered

In anaerobic darkness

In artificial estrangement

From the circle of life


And when I am exhausted

Mangled and broken by roots

Eaten by worms and maggots

Mere dust in the earth

I will stretch my leaves to the sun

And quietly replenish

The oxygen I consumed in life




Strangers fall in love

A crime or accomplishment

The distinction blurs


Aging advantage

You get to keep your wisdom

It travels with you


What the fuck is this?

This wasn’t part of the deal

I want my money



Killed the cat perhaps, but it

Sustained the human


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2 thoughts on “1 Poem + 4 Haiku

  1. krithya G says:

    Curiosity killed the cat, but found water on Mars 🙂

    Loved the poem! such an elegant and beautiful way to continue living after death 🙂

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