Another Two Poems

Just Unfriended Myself


I’ve won so many friends

Influenced so many people

Look at them there

In that scrolling array of pixels

See how attractive all of them are

And how happy looking


A community founded on vapor

Friendship without effort

Shared purpose is a pipe dream

A shambling patchwork of individuals

That would pull apart

If not for the threads of decorum


Connections that transmit both ways

Vicarious expectations and encumbering thoughts

Free me from this web

So I can seek my fortune


They won’t even notice you’re gone

These so called friends of yours

Find the people who will risk

Awkwardness and embarrassment

In order to enjoy your company


See my menagerie of friends

Smiling there and sorted alphabetically

Projecting their ideal images

See how attractive they are

And how happy they look




Dubstep and Hegemony


Another year

Another stupid song

Another dumb dance you refuse to learn

Pop culture reaches new heights of buffoonery

And all you want is cultural justice

To hear that thing you like

Mentioned in the public square

And judged on its abundant merit


But when the spotlight falls

Something isn’t right

And you feel a wordless shame

They know how to co-opt anything


There’s no way to escape

Grotesque celebrities will crowd

And penetrate your cell walls

Lowest common denominator

Carried foul on the breeze

The headwinds of hegemony never abate


You learn to keep quiet

Smile and pretend

Identify your tastes tersely

Or just avoid the question

Silence those howls from the margin

Before they spook your friends

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